Increase Writing Practice with Automated Scoring

WriteToLearn helps students practice their essay and summary writing skills and expand their vocabulary. This innovative web-based program instantly assesses student work by evaluating the meaning of text, not just grammar and spelling. As students participate in assigned activities, they receive personalized feedback, hints, and tips to encourage, instruct, and reward their progress.


WriteToLearn Technology

Developed through decades of research by leading language and cognitive scientists, Pearson's automated scoring engines provide consistent, accurate, and timely feedback on automated tests. The technology underlying WriteToLearn is based on the Knowledge Analysis Technologies (KAT) engine, including Pearson's unique implementation of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), an approach that is trained to measure the semantic similarity of words and passages by analyzing large bodies of relevant text. LSA can then closely approximate the degree of similarity of meaning between two texts as judged by human readers.


WriteToLearn Research and Development

Pearson has nearly 20 years of experience in automated scoring, having invented many of the leading technologies that exist today for text, speech, and math scoring. We have patented applications of cognitive science, computational linguistics, and speech processing technology. Here's a brief history of how the technology behind WriteToLearn was developed:

  • Based on over 15 years of research and evaluation at the University of Colorado and New Mexico State University
  • Five years as part of an IERI research and effectiveness trial project at the University of Colorado
  • Twelve years of research, software development, and testing in Pearson's Assessment group
  • Developed with the Colorado Literacy Tutor Project and field-tested in schools across Colorado
  • Funded by the U.S. Institute of Education and the National Science Foundation
  • Aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English language arts and literacy in history, social studies, science, and technical subjects