Improve Writing Skills and Reading Comprehension

WriteToLearn gives immediate, specific feedback that helps students practice writing through review and edit cycles. Over four studies, students using the essay writing component of WriteToLearn experienced an average increase in proficiency of 46%. Using the summary writing component, students' reading comprehension also improved in direct relationship to WriteToLearn's use. Benefits of using the summarization component have been empirically documented as well. Read our complete Efficacy Report to get the facts.


Calculating Teacher Time

Teaching writing has always been a tricky balancing act. Between lesson planning, classroom instruction, grading, and living your life, there are only so many hours in the day, and there’s a very real limit to how much writing practice a teacher can assign. See how WriteToLearn’s automated scoring made a difference for Georgia middle school teacher Jeff Pence in 2014-2015:

  • 129: Number of writing students per day
  • 33: Number of essays/summaries each student completed
  • 6: Average number of times each essay was submitted and scored
  • 25,542: Number of drafts that were thoroughly evaluated and returned to the students with specific & feedback absolute consistency
  • 3,193: The number of days it would take a teacher to grade these assignments if he or she graded for 2 hours each day--that's nearly 9 years without a day off!



Gwinnett County Public School Study Demonstrates Positive Impact of WriteToLearn on Student Performance on Writing Assessments

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Best Practices with WriteToLearn

When incorporated into your curriculum, WriteToLearn proves to be proven tool to help students become better writers, by using what they learn into practice with frequent writing.

  1. Use WriteToLearn twice a week
  2. Combine essay and summary writing activities
  3. Select activities that best support your students
  4. Adjust scoring and feedback settings
  5. Read reports frequently 

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Industry Awards

WriteToLearn is always improving and continues to earn recognition within the education technology community. Our latest awards include:


Since Jeff began teaching with WriteToLearn, he’s seen his students’ writing skills improve significantly—across the board. "The wonderful thing is, Friday afternoon, before I went home— the grades for these essays were in the gradebook. I didn’t take any papers home. There’s no way that could happen without technology.”

Jeff Pence 7th Grade Teacher

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