WriteToLearn offers a variety of reports to track student progress and guide instruction. Reports are downloadable and printable.

Reports for Students

Student Scoreboard: Students receive immediate feedback on their essays. The student scoreboard shows students an overview of their current scores, the number of submissions remaining, progress from last revision, and how close they are to passing.
Students get personalized feedback with the Student Scoreboard report, and they can refer to these scores as they work to improve their next draft.

Reports for Teachers and Administrators

Class Scoreboard: This report displays the average performance of a class for one or more activities, and it can be used to identify overall strengths and weaknesses.
Overview: This report displays at-a-glance detail on individual student and class performance for one or more activities. This report allows teachers to quickly access class performance and spot individual and common weaknesses.
Progress: This report displays the current progress of each student. It shows student improvement from one revision to the next, and it can be used to monitor current and recent class activity.
Student: This report displays an individual student’s performance within each assignment, as well as across assignments.
Portfolio: This report displays a student’s entire writing portfolio. It can be used to view and print student revisions, teacher comments, and feedback for a student, class, or activity.
Vocabulary: This report displays a student’s scores on adaptive vocabulary exercises within select reading passages, and it can be used to monitor a student’s progress in vocabulary accumulation and retention.
Student Performance: This report displays overall student performance and usage for each class. You can choose from a variety of assignment type and report type selections.
“I found WriteToLearn to be a great diagnostic tool to determine student weak areas which would pinpoint their specific needs. It was a quick way to allow me to individually help each student improve their writing.”

Deanna Eiland English Teacher

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