A Variety of Rubrics

Rubrics provide a common framework for assessing writing.WriteToLearn scores essays using a variety of rubrics including:

College & Career Readiness Rubric

College and career readiness essay prompts teach key skills advocated in the standards and are scored using a five-trait rubric, which measures traits consistent with performance standards required for more rigorous learning.
• Task and focus
• Development of ideas
• Organization
• Language and style
• Conventions

ELL Scoring Rubric

WriteToLearn includes essay writing prompts and scoring capabilities specifically designed to accelerate language acquisition skills. These select essays are scored with a four-trait rubric that focuses on writing fundamentals:
• Language usage
• Sentence correctness
• Mechanics
• Ordering of ideas

Six-Trait Rubric

WriteToLearn also includes essay prompts scored using the traditional six-trait rubric that represents characteristics of high-quality writing.
• Ideas
• Organization
• Conventions
• Sentence Fluency
• Word Choice
• Voice


With this option, essays receive a single score based on an overall impression of a student’s writing performance.