Alignment to Standards

Support for College & Career Readiness Standards

In today’s information-driven world, strong literacy skills are crucial to success, regardless of the path you take. WriteToLearn is focused on helping students develop the requisite skills to achieve college and career readiness. The following table showcases (original screen from page 6 of the WriteToLearn overview brochure - Diane can help locate native files) the four main alignments and how WriteToLearn serves as a great solution.


English Language Learners Strategies

Today's students must have strong reading comprehension and writing skills. For English language learners (ELLs), meeting these critical goals presents twice the challenge because they are faced with also learning to read and write a new language.

WriteToLearn provides English language learners (ELLs) the opportunity to focus on fundamental writing skills, while improving reading comprehension and expanding their academic vocabulary--key components that align to the College and Career Readiness Standards and promote acceleration from ELL classification.


Built-in Language Tools and ELL Content

WriteToLearn’s language support tools and instructional features help to promote language proficiency:

  • ELL-specific essay prompts
  • Translated instructions and feedback available in both Spanish and simplified Chinese
  • Text-to-speech in English and Spanish
  • A 4-trait ELL rubric focused on fundamentals of writing
  • Guided essay tips and summary hints that help scaffold writing process
  • Select essay prompts specifically designed for ELLs 



Before WriteToLearn, I had never seen a student get a perfect score on the state writing exam. In 2013, 13 out of my 52 seventh graders earned them. That’s a quarter of the class!

Terri Dalsted Middle School Writing Teacher

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