Funding Resources

Facilitate Improvement & Support Funding
Facilitate district-wide improvements and meet the requirements of state and federal programs with WriteToLearn’s flexible tools. Its summary and essay writing activities, along with vocabulary building exercises, span multiple subject areas— language arts, science, social studies, and history.
This combination of reading, writing, and vocabulary activities creates a true literacy tool for all students.
With a proven success record, WriteToLearn supports the college and career readiness standards and states’ accountability measures as well as funding requests for Title I, Title III, and IDEA programs.

Effective Literacy Instruction

Flexible, Easy & Effective for Diverse Classrooms
WriteToLearn’s scoring parameters and support tools can be adjusted, allowing teachers to modify passing thresholds and tailor the level of assistance to the needs of every student with instructional features
and content.

Built-in Writing Support Tools

Writing Hints & Tips - intelligent hints emphasize important ideas students
may have missed while reading. Guided essay tips and summary hints to help students scaffold the writing process

Additional Tools

• Instructions and feedback available in both Spanish and simplified Chinese
• Text-to-speech in English and Spanish
• Embedded picture/text dictionary
• Spot word translation
• Highlighting tools to mark main and supporting ideas
• Word prediction tool allows students to select correct word choices with fewer keystrokes